What To Do When You Feel Bored With Your Life0

You will feel bored with your life when you have lost your passion and enthusiasm. Living a monotonous day to day existence will make it difficult for you to get out of bed. Not seeing any growth or improvement in your career will make you feel fed-up. Doing something that you don’t enjoy will also cause boredom.

bored with your life

People whose life is in a mess with no job, no social life, and bills and credit cards debts piling up may feel stuck in a rut.

There are also people who seem to have it all; a high paying job, an expensive car, marriage and kids but yet they feel that they are unloved, unhappy and unfulfilled. You’ll hear them ask questions such as “Is these all there is to life?” or saying things like “There must be more than these to life.”

Some people not only feel bored but also sick and tired because they feel helpless and have to struggle against the economic downturn. After struggling for a while, some may find that they do not know what else to do and they lose the motivation to try again. They may begin to think such things as “What’s the point?”

So What Can You Do When You Feel Bored with Your Life?

Here are 11 suggestions to help bring some excitement back into your life.

1. Find the Cause for Your Boredom.

You may be feeling sick and tired of life but which particular area of your life is making you weary?

i. Is it your work?
ii. Are you facing job burnout?
iii. Is your marriage or personal life affecting your work and you feel stressed that you can’t focus at work?

A problem or issue that is unresolved can lead to other problems and cause stress, anger and other negative emotions.

Determine exactly what it is that are making you feel down and out so that you can solve the underlying issue.

2. Where is Your Focus of Attention?

Perhaps you could ask yourself where your focus of attention is. If you look for what’s not working, you will see it.

If you feel disappointed because someone has let you down or something doesn’t end up as you have hoped for, change your focus and look at the positive side of things.

When you re-frame the situation, you’ll see things differently. There is always something that you can learn from it and use it if you really change the way you view it.

3. Do Something You Feel Passionate About.

overcome boredom - follow your passion

Are you doing what you love or are you forcing yourself to like what you do? If you are doing something that you don’t feel passionate about, it makes you feel unchallenged and bored with your life.

You have a choice. Continue doing it and make yourself feel more miserable. Or decide to do the things you love. You can take it up as a hobby for a start.

4. Regroup.

If you have lost interest in what you are doing, ask yourself why you started it in the first place. Probably you were too busy trying to get things fast and right that you forgot what it was that you wanted. And why you wanted it.

Just because something is not moving as fast you have hoped for doesn’t mean that you have failed.

Look at where you are right now and the actions that you’ve been taking. You may need to plan a different strategy.

5. Reflect on It.

If you are feeling unhappy with your marriage because there is no more passion in it, take time for self-reflection. Instead of thinking that your spouse is no longer the person you used to love and seeing his or her faults, examine your participation and attitude.

You can bring back loving thoughts by remembering and associating with pleasant thoughts. Think back of the time when you fell in love and write down 3 positive things about your spouse for every negative.

Go through other areas of your life and find out which isn’t coming through as what you have hoped for. You can then change what is within your control.

6. Get Involved.

Being single, living alone and not having a social life can make you feel lonely, empty and pessimistic. Don’t isolate yourself.

Go out and meet people, get a hobby that will give you pleasure and to fill your time, or get involved in community activities.

7. Break Routines.

Routine causes boredom. Add variety to your life. Find something new to learn. Gather as much knowledge as you can and develop new skills until you become an expert in it.

Get out of your comfort zone, take risks and do different and exciting things. Think back of what you have always wanted to do or try but have been putting it off. Decide to just do it.

8. Enlarge Your Circle of Friends.

bored with life - make new friends

Get to know people out of your work life. Connect with others and have fun.

Build a strong social connection. Talk to people who could help you gain new lessons and experiences. It can lead you to new opportunities.

9. Sort Your Life in Order.

Sort your life in order if it is in a mess. Remove physical, mental, emotional and digital clutters.

Dream new dreams. Set a list of new goals and plan out the action steps.

Do a self-assessment and look for your strengths and make full use of them.

10. Develop Emotional Intelligence.

Learn to develop emotional intelligence. It will enable you to manage your emotions and avoid feeling hopeless or helpless. It will also help you improve your interaction with people.

11. Refresh Your Body and Mind.

Spend your time doing recreational, interesting and challenging activities. You’ll give yourself a chance to refresh your body and your mind. You will feel energized when you get back to the thing that you were working on.


Thinking positive is important but insufficient to overcome boredom. If you don’t take proactive and positive actions, it can cause other negative emotions which can lead to depression and unhealthy habits.