Random Acts of Kindness -13 Examples of Selfless Acts0

You can show acts of kindness through words, actions and gestures. Whatever you do or say to someone that shows a little compassion and empathy will make a difference to the person who receives it.

acts of kindness

Unselfish and caring acts that you do are never wasted. Your thoughtfulness may help others feel stronger. Your good deeds no matter how small will have positive consequences to you and the receiver.

Try to show kindness, sympathy and consideration towards people you meet every day. Don’t expect anything in return. Maybe someone may fail to see your generosity. It’s alright. Sooner or later the kindness that you offered will return to you. Here are some examples of acts of kindness that you can display daily.

show that you care

1. Listening is the best compliment that you can give toward someone. The act of listening is one of the best ways to show your sympathy toward someone who is sad and discouraged.

2. The simplest gesture is giving a smile. Be generous with your smile. Give it away as much as you can and to whoever that you can possibly offer.

3. A hug will warm the heart. Make use of the therapeutic power of touch to show tenderness and heal pains.

4. Using the right and carefully chosen words can help a person see that life is not hopeless and there is a future. Using proper language and words affect people’s minds and emotions.

show kindness in words and actions

5. Feed people who are hungry and provide clothes for the needy and they will remember your kindness for a long time.

6. Hold a blind person by the hand and help him or her cross the road.

7. Pay for a stranger who can’t afford to pay her grocery bill at the checkout counter.

8. Volunteer to give a free tuition, counseling, storytelling or coaching to kids.

be generous

9. Offer your time to mow the lawn or tend a garden for an elderly neighbor.

10. Donate 10 percent of your income to a foster or shelter home.

11. Be kind to yourself. When you make a mistake, forgive yourself.

12. At times, people need to be left alone to get over difficult situations. Leave them with their thoughts because in silence, people will think through and find solutions. They will remember and thank you for giving them the space.

13. A small thoughtful gift or a card can go a long way in encouraging or cheering someone.


Use your imagination and creativity to come up with your own list of selfless acts and go out and do them. You will feel good about yourself.