How to Make Use of Your Alone Time and Enjoy the Solitude0

How to Make Use of Your Alone Time

Some people enjoy having their alone time. They can do things they would not be able to do in the company of others.

Furthermore, the quiet time and silence enable them to contemplate, discover themselves and stimulate their minds.

But there are also many people who try to avoid getting themselves into social isolation. The thought of being away from other human beings and activities scare them. They fear seclusion because they equate it to boredom, loneliness and separation.

It is not so.

Only those who know the beauty of silence will appreciate the time they have just for and by themselves. There are some people who even seek and crave for solitude.

Here’s How to Make Use Your Alone Time

1. Connect with Nature.

Take this opportunity to withdraw and get in touch with yourself. Take long walks on the beach, the countryside or the park. Allow your senses to interact with nature. Really see the world around you with new eyes.

2. Sit Quietly and Enjoy the Silence.

enjoy the solitude

Learn to sit quietly, be still and enjoy the silence. In seclusion you will discover the pleasure of being alone. You’ll improve your awareness and mental capacity.

Being in solitary helps you get in touch with the world that has fascinated you once. You may remember your goals and dreams again that may have died because of distractions.

3. Do Things You Love, Alone.

Stop battling with your problems. Find solace by doing things that give you satisfaction. Go sailing, fishing or get yourself to paint or draw.

You could also use the time to read the book you’ve been putting off. Or why not start a writing project. Write a story based on your personal experiences or from your observations.

4. Enjoy Your Personal Space.

Enjoy your privacy and temporary isolation. In this day and age where there is so much noise going on, it’s difficult to have your own space.

Meditate or just sit still. Relax your body and mind.

Switch off your mobile phone and leave all your workload and problems behind. Detach yourself from the daily demands. Give your soul the attention it needs.


If you are not used to it, you may find spending time alone and doing things by yourself a little awkward. Go through the discomfort anyway. Learn to enjoy your own company.

If you love to have time alone but could not fit it in your busy schedule, commit to block a certain part of your day. You could do so by getting up earlier in the morning or by removing one unproductive activity like watching television.

So, what do you normally do during your time alone?