How to Be More Positive Starting Today0

be more positive

If you can control and manage your thoughts, you can stay positive. If you won’t allow outside influences and internal chatters to trigger negative emotional states, you can maintain your optimism most of the time.

Without having to do anything consciously, you will feel a certain emotion based on what you see, read or hear. If you dwell on the thought, it will intensify and move to a higher state. So if something or someone trigger the feeling of anger in you and you allow that emotion to linger, it will become worse and will finally turn to fury. The opposite is also true. If you start to think pleasant thoughts, your mind will lead you to more pleasurable emotions.

How to Be More Positive Starting Today – 7 Tips

1. Get Rid of Negative Thoughts

You can control and manage your thoughts and emotions by interrupting your thought patterns. It involves making deliberate attempts to catch your feelings. Stop your thoughts as often as you can, especially when you start to feel a certain emotion.

Ask yourself what you are feeling and what triggered it. If it is a negative emotion, determine how you would rather be feeling. If it is a good feeling, anchor it and remember it so that you can bring back the pleasant emotion to your mind whenever you feel bad.

You can also change your thinking pattern by noticing and monitoring your self-talk. Stop the self-criticism or negative internal chatters by replacing them with positive statements. Challenge the self-talk by asking yourself why you believe a thing as true? Get rid of them by telling yourself that they aren’t true anymore and that you now choose to think differently.

2. Have a Sense of Purpose for Living

Do you know what your purpose or personal mission in life is? Without a sense of purpose, you will drift along in life and allow anything or anyone to influence your way of thinking. To discover your purpose, ask what you want to do with your life, what brings meaning to your life and how you want to be remembered after your death? Answer the questions honestly.

3. Dream Dreams and Set Goals

dream and set goals

Goals are different that purpose. Goals motivate you to wake up in the morning. They are the road map to help you achieve success in life. They challenge you and if you persistently take action, you make your dreams come true. The by-products include an elevated confidence and feelings of self-worth.

Set long term, medium term and short term goals so that you always have something to work on, and to motivate you as long as you live. Imprint the goals in your mind to maintain your focus of attention. Whenever you feel down, think of your goals and dreams.

4. Focus on the Positive

What you see on the outside is a reflection of what’s going on inside you. If you push yourself to see something good or positive in a person, a thing or situation, you will see it. If you insist that there is nothing positive about something or someone, just let it go.

People can subtly influence your thinking. Bad news contributes to negativity and pessimism. Don’t read or listen to them. So choose your circle of friends and what goes inside your head wisely.

5. Take Care of Your Health

It’s difficult to be more positive when you are sick and tired. So take good care of your health. Eat nutritious food and supplement your diet with dietary supplements if you aren’t getting enough. This will help you avoid deficiency and reduce the risk of major illness.

Avoid a sedentary lifestyle. Go out and be active by exercising and involving in healthy recreational activities. Use more of your time in nature than sitting down at home watching soap operas and reality series. Allocate time for mind-body exercises such as relaxation exercise and meditation to relax your muscles and your mind.

These healthy physical and mental activities alter the neurochemicals in your brain to make you feel good and stay positive.

6. Broaden Your Knowledge

Limited knowledge results in limited thinking and narrow mindedness. Open your mind and expand your knowledge. Begin to read more books, listen, and observe more of what’s going on outside. Go out and meet people from different cultures and backgrounds.

Try new or different things especially those things that you have been afraid to do. The new experiences will help you eliminate limiting beliefs, change your mindset and increase your confidence.

7. Count Your Blessings

One of the ways to be more positive is to count your blessings. Make it a daily practice to list down the things that you are grateful for in your life. This exercise is helpful because it makes you learn to appreciate what you already have. It reduces your habit or attitude of complaining and comparing.


Do you agree that you deserve to feel happy a majority of your time? Focus on the present and make the best use of it. Smile more often. Keep negative thoughts out of your mid by simply replacing them with positive and uplifting ones.

You have full control. You can choose what you want to think and feel at any moment.