8 Ways to Stop Feeling Hurt0

Feeling hurt? Don’t allow it to linger for long. You got to move on.

feeling hurt

Have you been hurt before, the time when you felt really upset, crushed and emotionally wounded?

You may have experienced a broken heart at least once in your lifetime. It was awfully painful right? Probably at that time you thought that your suffering and pain will go on forever. And that you will never, ever heal and forgive the person who caused your pain.

Reasons and Causes for Feeling Hurt.

1. There are several reasons that can bruise a person’s feeling. One of the most common but very subtle and usually unrecognizable is bad and painful childhood experiences.

2. Most people feel hurt and extremely sad because of a relationship breakup.

Many people say, “Love hurts.” But do you think that’s accurate? Doesn’t love make you feel ecstatic, blissful and blessed? Think about it.

3. Another cause of emotional hurt is when someone you trust betrays or lies to you. This is especially so if he or she is your best friend, spouse or partner.

4. Many people get offended, hurt and upset because of miscommunication and misinterpretation.

5. Gossips, bad mouthing and back biting from fellow workers, friends and relatives will also cause hurt feelings.

You can do something about your emotional pain. You can mend your broken heart and heal your life.

Here are 8 Ways to Stop Feeling Hurt.

accept whatever happens for now

1. Acceptance.

Promises are broken, marriages dissolved, and some friends disappear forever.

That’s part of life.

Life is too short.

It’s not worth to take too long to mourn over a breakup or live in memories of the past.

All is not lost.

You still have yourself to love and respect. There is always something better out there. Get back up and get going.

2. Forgive.

Forgive and release the hurt, anger and disappointment. It isn’t easy especially if you have been betrayed or emotionally wounded. But then what good does it do to you to hold on to the pain. It will only create more sadness, bitterness and regret. And it will affect your esteem, productivity and growth.

3. Write About Your Feelings.

Writing is therapeutic. Use your journal to write about your thoughts and feelings. Do it every day. Reflect on what you have written at the end of each week or each month. Notice the language you have been using to express your emotions. Take note of each progress you made.

4. Do Something Constructive.

Do something constructive or creative to express and release the hurtful feeling inside. You can choose to write, pain, draw, or do anything that can change your focus of attention.

Do some physical activities to change your physiology. Get involved in physical activities like joining aerobics class, playing outdoor sports or running a marathon.

5. Snap Out of It. Stop Rumination

stop rumination

If you keep seeing the same pictures and hearing the conversations over and over in your head, you will feel more upset and offended. Whenever these thoughts enter your mind, snap out of it and replace them with other positive thoughts, self-talk and affirmations.

6. Take No Offense.

If you have been hurt because of gossips or someone stabbing you in the back, remember that you can’t keep people’s mouth shut. Many people have the penchant to gossip, spread rumors and back mouth.

As long as you live by your own personal values and principle, don’t get easily offended. They’ll leave you alone if they notice that you aren’t affected or once they have someone else to talk about.

7. Start Making Better Decisions.

Stop blaming yourself or someone else. Allow whatever has happened to pass. Use it as a useful lesson.

Decide to make better decisions and accept personal responsibility for whatever happens in your life from this day onward.

8. Give Yourself a Specific Time.

If you want to go through the self-pity session, go on. But, give yourself a time limit.

How long do you think you need to get over your heartache?

One caveat, don’t take too long. It’s tough to get out of it.


There is a popular saying that time heals all wounds. Many people will finally forgive, forget and move on as time goes by.

But why wait? Why allow the hurt to linger until you are ready?

Stop feeling hurt as fast as you can so that you can move on in life with zest.

So, have you been hurt before? How did you handle it? Please share your experience.