8 Tips to Overcome the Fear of Rejection0

The fear of rejection is one of the reasons why men don’t ask women out and why some women become submissive. Rejection phobia is also one of the causes why applicants don’t do well during job interviews and people don’t ask for what they want.

fear of rejection

This fear of being rejected stop people from doing something because they believe that they are not good enough to ask and receive.

Most people don’t like to be turned down and to hear the word “No” so they’d rather not ask. Some people feel humiliated if their requests are declined. Some feel that they shouldn’t have asked in the first place. They take it personally.

Most people’s self-confidence and self-esteem decline if they receive a few rejections in life. They’ll just stop trying after that.

Here are 8 Tips to Overcome the Fear of Rejection.

1. Be Mentally Prepared.

When you ask for anything, there is a possibility of being refused and rejected. Develop mental toughness so that you can accept letdowns and can still move on.

Prepare your mindset to accept rejections cheerfully. Remind yourself that being rejected is normal. Think of the benefits you’ll gain from the experience.

accept rejection as a learning experience

2. Be Emotionally Tough.

If your level of emotional intelligence is low, you will take rejection badly and feel hurt. To avoid the emotional pain again, you might stop trying.

So become aware of your feelings, understand them and learn to control and manage them. Ask yourself honestly what you are afraid of. Find the underlying cause and then let the emotional attachment go.

You can let go and release negative emotions and maintain calmness and poise through relaxation techniques, emotional freedom technique, and meditation.

When you are mentally tough, you develop the ability to view a rejection from a different perspective.

3. Do the Thing You Fear.

One of the ways to fight your fear of rejection is to take action and do the thing you fear.

You may get turned down but so what? What’s the worst thing that can happen?

Ask again but ask in a different manner or ask someone else. You’ll become better at it especially if you reflect on it and learn from the experiences.

do the thing you fear

4. Improve Your Confidence.

How you feel and think about yourself contribute to your fear. Take some time to question your limiting beliefs and challenge them.

By getting rid of the negative thoughts, you can work on improving your self-image, self-confidence and self-esteem.

5. Improve Your Skills.

Work on improving your social skills and communication skills. Learn to use the right language.

Mastering relationship skills and nonverbal communication skills will improve your power to influence and persuade others. You will reduce your chances of getting rejected.

6. Act As If.

What you fear happens first is in your imagination and you act it out, unconsciously. People notice it.

You can reverse it by creating images in which you act confidently and fearlessly.

Keep visualizing and acting as if you are unafraid over and over again until it becomes a reality.

7. Understand Human Behaviors

Understanding human behavior helps you discover why people behave in a certain manner. You’ll understand that people have positive intentions behind their refusals and attitude.

People don’t intentionally want to put you down. They have their own reasons and motives.

It also benefits you because you will learn to understand yourself better.

8. Use Self-Hypnosis.

If you need a self help tool to overcome your fear of rejection, try using hypnosis. Listening to a recorded hypnosis session will help you break free of self-limiting beliefs.


Having the fear of being rejected will affect other areas of your daily life. You will not be able to show your best self.

So do something positive every day to overcome the fear of rejection.