7 Ways to Avoid Making a Bad First Impression0

The first impression that people have of you is important in determining how far you’ll go. It is therefore necessary to impress and present your best self the first time around. You got to take the effort to stand out and provide a positive impact.

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Whether you are preparing yourself for a job interview, your first date, or to go out in the world with your daily routines, always look and be at your best.

Everyone whom you meet for the first time will make a judgment. They’ll like you or don’t, or just don’t give a “hoot” about you.

Here’s How to Make a Good First Impression.

avoid making a bad first impression

1. Present a Confident Image.

To be confident, you act confident and be at ease with yourself. Show your positive and self-assured side. But do not flaunt or walk and talk with an air of arrogance.

2. Smile.

The easiest thing to imprint your image in someone’s mind even before you open your mouth for the first time is to offer a warm smile. A genuine smile that comes from the heart will never fail to impress and make others feel good around you.

One of the ways to create it is to think of something positive or uplifting because whatever it is that is in your mind and heart will show up in your eyes and your stance.

3. Pay Attention to Personal Hygiene.

Having bad breath and body odor is a sure “turn-off.” If you have either one or both of these issues, you must seriously overcome them.

If you are using perfume or cologne, make sure that you aren’t putting on too much.

4. Be Punctual.

If it is your first time meeting someone, be punctual. Almost everyone cannot stand waiting regardless of whatever excuse you give. By being on time, the person may see you as honest, courteous, and interested and someone who values other people’s time.

5. Dress to Suit the Occasion.

Make a Good First Impression

Develop good “dress sense” and pay attention to your appearance. Wear attire that suits the occasion.

Don’t adorn yourself with too much makeup and accessories or show of your tattoo.

If you feel uncomfortable wearing something, avoid using it because it’ll make you uneasy and feel self-conscious. People can tell that if you are conscious of how you look because it shows through your body language.

6. Body Language.

Be conscious of your body language and non verbal signals. Limit your hand movements and other gestures that may imply that you are nervous or aggressive. Make eye contact when speaking or listening to someone and position your body in a way to show that you are listening or paying attention and are interested.

Speak clearly and use the right pitch and voice tone.

Learn to read or understand the other person’s body language so that you can try to adjust accordingly. It is a great help if you mirror the person’s posture and physiology. This technique can assist you to understand his or her thinking and build instant rapport.

7. Be Prepared.

Be prepared with the necessary research, knowledge and information so that you won’t be caught off guard and seen as having a lackadaisical attitude.

If you are going out for a first date, mentally prepare your first date questions, small talks and topics that you can talk about.


Though it is unfair for people to judge before getting to know you, you can’t help it that humans have the tendency to trust their preconditioned ideas of how people should look and behave.

Even you are guilty of it too.

So if you really want others to take you seriously, make sure you take the trouble to avoid making a bad first impression.