6 Ways to Stop Being Lazy0

stop being lazy

Laziness means resisting taking action on what you are supposed to do when you should do them. A lazy person usually has no self-discipline and is disorganized. If his life is already in a mess, it will get worse if he maintains the laid-back attitude.

A lazy person is work shy. He evades responsibilities and procrastinates. He usually represents work or completing a task as something tedious, unnecessary or boring. He is more interested in idling, watching television or playing games. He doesn’t care about his health and shows no concern about being a burden to people.

The causes of laziness vary. Some people were very spoilt when they were kids. They had everything taken care of for them.

Health issues can also make a person lethargic and sluggish. They lack the energy to get things done and spend a lot of time sleeping.

Having no sense of purpose in life is one of the other main reasons for being lazy. When there are no goals and motivation, people take things easy.

However, some people aren’t lazy. Fear and uncertainty make them procrastinate and are seen as lazy.

6 Ways to Stop Being Lazy.

1. Find the Cause

people are not lazy

Are you always lazy or does it only happen when you don’t like what you are doing? Maybe you are afraid or uncertain as to why you are doing the things that you are engaged in. You may not know what your actual goals in life are so you just drift along.

Think of a time when you are excited to do something. What was it that motivated you? Once you have identified it, put your energy into doing the thing that inspires you.

2. Know Your Reasons

If you are employed, know the reason for being there. Remind yourself that whatever job you have taken is to fulfill your needs. If you don’t like your job, change it.

If you are self-employed, have big and powerful reasons to keep the motivation going.

When you know what and why you are doing things, your mind remains active and alert. You will not have the time to give way to laziness.

3. Take Care of Your Health

Feeling stressed and depressed can drain your energy and motivation. Some foods not only make you fat but also cause lethargy. Avoid all these stuff.

Go out in the open and do some physical exercise. The fresh air outside can make you change your state of mind.

4. Break Down the Tasks

Make a list of things that you must and should do. Break them down to avoid feeling overwhelmed. Start doing one thing.

Force yourself to take action even if you don’t feel like doing it. Your old self has been so used to it. You must break the pattern. Give yourself a small reward each time you complete a task.

5. Think of the Benefits and Consequences

Another way to stop being lazy is to think of the consequences. What would happen if you keep leaving your dishes unwashed, clothes strewn on the floor and bed unmade? What would happen if you don’t start learning something new and develop better skills?

What would not happen if you start a simple exercise program and make a habit to fully utilize your time? What would not happen if you start today to do the things that you know you should?

Start thinking and linking the pains and the pleasures to the activities that you must do. Put yourself in a state of mind that will make you want to do it and do it now.

6. Visualize the End Result

Many people won’t take action because they think of the process. One of the ways for overcoming laziness is to visualize the end result. If you can see and feel the rewards of doing what you are supposed to do, it will inspire you to take action.


If you really want to change and become more energetic and full of life, make an effort to determine what it is that you really want in life. Reflect on it and find out what it is that inspires you.

Once you discover it, get going. Stop making excuses.