6 Ways to Overcome Negativity in Your Life0

Focus on the Positive to Overcome Negativity

When you dwell upon negativity, you attract more of negative things and people into your life. The law of attraction works all the time whether you believe in it or not.

Of course you are right if you say that there are so many horrible things happening around you and in the world. There is no denying about it.

But then, there are also many positive things happening and many optimistic people around. Your focus of attention is the reason why you are seeing only the worst side of a situation.

It’s a choice that you have made up to now. And you can instantly change the way you see things by just deciding to look at another way, somewhere where you’ve not looked before.

It doesn’t benefit you in any way if you stick to a pessimistic outlook. In fact your cynicism will make you feel powerless and depressed. It makes you lose faith in yourself and your future. It will also badly affect your relationships, your career and your life.

Here are 6 Ways to Overcome Negativity

1. Reflect On It.

Can you accept that a lot of misfortune in your life is actually more due to your erroneous thinking, attitude and habits?

Sometimes, it’s because there is a lot of anger and discontent inside you. What you see on the outside is a reflection of what’s going on inside.

Why don’t you take some time to contemplate? Look at your behavior and attitude. Be honest with yourself.

2. Be Aware of Your Thoughts.

Your thoughts have developed into a habitual pattern. You see, read or hear something and your mind automatically produces a certain internal picture.

Your emotions will follow. Without you having to do anything else, you’ll find yourself feeling anxious or depressed.

Find the triggers that cause you to view things in a negative way. You can then avoid or choose a different way to respond.

3. Focus on the Positive.

Make a Mindset Shift

If you push yourself to see something good or positive in a person or situation, you will see it.

Don’t let your stubbornness or ego keep you blinded.

If you insist that there is nothing positive about something or someone, let that thought go. Dwelling on it won’t change things.

If you can’t totally dismiss a certain person from your life, limit your interactions. If bad news is one of the causes of your hopelessness, don’t read or listen to them.

4. Let Go of Emotional Attachment.

Humans are emotionally attached to the past and most people have bad or painful life experiences. If these emotional attachments are not released, they spill over in the present.

Get clear of them and let them go.

You can do this by connecting with your inner self and understanding your emotions.

You can also use tools such as emotional freedom technique and self-hypnosis to help you overcome negative thoughts and limiting beliefs.

5. Change Your Environment.

It is a challenge to stay positive if you are surrounded with pessimists or naysayers. You got to decide to be mentally strong.

Or you can choose to change your environment. You are not a tree planted in the ground. Move away to a more supportive surrounding instead of fighting. It gives you more space to develop a positive mindset.

6. Practice the Attitude of Gratitude.

To develop the attitude of gratitude, start a gratitude journal. Write 3 to 5 things that you are grateful for in your life every day.

Initially you may come up with a general list like “I am grateful that I am alive.”

As you continue to do this exercise daily, it pushes you think deeper and look further. And it will improve your view about live, people and yourself.


Life is short. Don’t waste it on issues and people who drain your energy, motivation and the will to become great.

Make a firm decision today to overcome negativity in your life. Give yourself the chance to have fun, to enjoy life and to be happy.