17 Ways to De-Stress0

De-stress, take a break and release your tension if you find yourself tensed from work overload or if you are going through a strained relationship. When your mind is crowded with anxieties, you can’t focus and make wise decisions. Your mental and emotional state will show through your appearance and posture.

So try you best to avoid your stress level to go out of control

17 Ways to De-Stress


1. Take a nap during your lunchtime. A 30 minute catnap or siesta will work wonders to your body and mind. If you work from home, give yourself a break by doing something else outside your home office to change your focus.

2. Stop whatever you are doing every now and then and breathe deeply. Sit up straight, breathe slowly and deeply through your nose and let go through your mouth. Repeat the exercise a few times and you will feel refreshed and more relaxed.

3. Prepare a plan of action before you set out your day. Do the most important thing first in your to do list. When you have a plan and you learn to prioritize, you will have better control of your time. It avoids feeling stressed and overwhelmed.

4. Become more assertive and learn to say “No” to unimportant and non-urgent matters.

5. Find ways to have fun and laugh more often. Humor and laughter will help change your state of mind and helps relieve pain and stress.

take a walk to de-stress

6. Release your tension through exercise like walking, dancing, swimming or jogging in the mornings or evenings. You will feel more vitalized throughout the day and will sleep better. Exercise is a natural energy booster and it helps avoid mental fatigue.

7. Reduce your coffee intake. Even though coffee acts as a stimulant, taking more than 2 cups a day may produce adverse effects such as lowering the levels of serotonin.

8. Choose healthy foods such as fruit, vegetables, beans and whole grains to help your body produce energy.

9. Write down your activities, thoughts and emotions in a journal at the end of the day, week and month. It’s one of the ways to reflect what you have been doing, saying and feeling and you can use journaling to make necessary changes and improve your life.

10. Have a sense of purpose in your life. Set a major goal that is very important to you. Remind yourself of this goal when you wake up in the morning, before you sleep and in between your day to help keep you going.

spend time with the important people in your life

11. Take a break after your working hours by hanging around supportive people. Spend time with your spouse and children or other important people in your life.

12. Meditate and relax your body and mind at the end of your day. When you feel relaxed, you are able to view life positively and it is beneficial for your physical, mental and emotional health.

13. Make time for recreation. Take a walk along the beach or the park. Go camping or sightseeing with your family or friends. A change of air is good for your psyche. It not only helps you feel refreshed but it also allows you to view things from a different perspective.

14. De-stress by turning off the computer, cell phone and the television at least a few hours in a week and replace the activities with gardening or pursuing a hobby such as photography. Stay away from bad news and negative people because they can drain your energy.

15. Take a break and de-stress by pampering yourself with an aromatherapy bath, a full body massage or a manicure.

16. If you are single, go out with your friends to watch a movie or invite friends over for dinner.

17. If you are married, keep your romance alive by going out for a date with your spouse and do intimate things that rekindles your love and affection.


You deserve to give yourself some time off. It’s also wise to take a few days or a week away from work or your daily routines. Use this time to relax your mind.