10 Ways to Experience More Joy in Life0

experience more joy

You can experience more joy and happiness if you deliberately put yourself in a state of mind in which you find pleasures from the things that you may have taken for granted. If you wait until some pleasant things to happen or someone to come and cheer you, you are limiting yourself from feeling joyful as much as you can.

What if the thing or person doesn’t show up?

You can choose to feel delighted any time you want and you can have as much pleasure as you wish. Nobody is stopping you but yourself.

If you are not getting enough enjoyment in life, it is because you are limiting yourself. It is an internal thing. You don’t have to wait for the right time, event or person to turn up.

Here’s How to Experience More Joy in Life.

1. Enjoy Life

You can feel joy by savoring the little things that happen daily. Savor the hugs, kisses and smiles from your loved ones.

Appreciate each new day and the possibilities it brings.

Everything you do or feel counts and it determines your level of happiness.

2. Do What You Love

You get the thrills when you do what you love. It helps you overcome obstacles and bring inner satisfaction. You will spread your cheerfulness to others and help heal some pains away.

If dancing, writing or painting gives you an incredible amount of pleasure, do it.

3. Be in the Present. Look at This Very Day

Looking too far ahead bring about doubt and anxiety. Looking back puts you in a negative mode. To feel happy now, look at the present moment and love every bit of it.

4. Connect with People

Go out and meet people but avoid those who are pessimistic because they’ll welcome you to join their pity party. Surround yourself with people who are enthusiastic. They are not meant to be your source of pleasure but to help you realize that you can create moments of joy if you want to do it.

5. Give Something

service gives joy

Give something to someone or do something that will make you feel thrilled and proud of yourself. You can give money or material things, free tuition or counseling, support to a cause, etc., without expecting anything in return.

6. Make Your Dreams Happen

Remind yourself of your dreams and goals in life and work towards accomplishing them. If you wish for a joyful life, remember that you are responsible.

It is a matter of choice.

Make your dreams happen and get that sense of delight.

7. Use Your Emotions to Propel You

Push yourself to find the positive from your hurtful or negative related emotions. Those emotions are valuable too. Don’t be afraid to experience them. Let them push and prod you to accelerate your spiritual and personal growth.

If you feel that you cannot find anything positive about something, let it go.

8. Use Your Creative Imagination

When something isn’t working right in your life or if you are sick, it is hard to feel happy. And the more you focus on your suffering, the more you will feel sorrowful.

You can create sense of joyfulness by recalling, focusing or imagining pleasant experiences. When you can imagine something better, you will feel better.

9. Have Faith

Accept the things that you have no control or cannot change. Take action on things that you can do something.

Have faith that things will work.

When you start to think that your adversities have some positive meanings behind them, your mind will shift and help cheer you up.

Remind yourself that everything in life is temporary. Your stay on earth is short. Get the most out of it.

10. Feel Grateful

Being alive and having sound health are good enough reasons to feel grateful and blessed. With good health, you are able to create many beautiful moments.

Keep an attitude of gratitude journal. Write down the things that you feel grateful for and those things that bring joy into your life. Experience more on them often.


If you keep reminding yourself to live in the present and enjoy every moment, you will experience more joy in life.

If you do the things that you are passionate about, nothing and nobody can take the feelings of delight from you. So carve your own path and do whatever makes you happy.