My name is Fatimah Musa and I am the person behind personalgrowthideas.com


Why do I write about personal growth?

It’s because I realized that the tragedies and challenges in life are the results of our own doings or not doing something that we should.

Over the years, I have been dealing with all kinds of employees and clients and seen the different personalities, attitudes and characters.

Acquaintances and friends came and went and I saw a few making life improvements while others fell from one trap into another.

I pondered a lot about the reasons behind every successful people, those who live their life of mediocrity, the teenagers’ dilemma, relationship problems and so forth.

Many average people complained, whined and pointed their fingers about their unsuccessful existence at everyone but themselves. They failed to realize that they could refine their careers, relationships, economy and health by continuously improving emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically.

And about personalgrowthideas.com is about sharing my ideas, knowledge and experiences from my many years of ups and downs. I believe that if other people can turn their life around and achieve worthwhile goals and attain their desires, so can you and I.

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